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Meet Our Massage Therapists


Fulham Massage Therapist, Dorothy Kovacs

Fulham Massage Therapist, Dorothy Kovacs

I grew up in Hungary and initially studied in Tourism. However, my passion has always been to help people, and so I started my journey in Massage, qualifying as a Swedish Massage Therapist in 2008 in Budapest.

For 4 years, I practiced massage therapy at a traditional Massage Salon where I learned various massage techniques such as Thai, Swedish, and Aroma. However, my goals evolved and I sensed it was time to continue to grow as a massage therapist by studying Sports Massage in 2015.

I am committed to remaining current in this health care profession by continuing education, expanding my knowledge base, and adopting new therapeutic practices. My treatments include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and stretching, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage which assist with stress and pain reduction and injury prevention. I always strive to offer professional and high quality services, and derive great satisfaction in seeing my patients quality of life improving with every treatment.


Fulham Massage Therapist, Alessandro Ragusa

Fulham Massage Therapist, Alessandro Ragusa

Born and raised in Siracusa in warm Sicily, I am a citizen of the world and a regular traveler.

I have always had an extreme interest in bio-mechanical laws and the energy forces of the human body, which lead me to begin a career in massage at the age of 17. I have over the years continued with my training doing new and improved courses, and have had ten years experience in the sports world, in particular football, working together with physicians and physiotherapists. This has contributed to gaining an excellent understanding of the management of the most common musculoskeletal disorders through the use of different massage techniques. I am an expert in postural evaluation, and am passionate and dedicated to the treatment of my patients, committed to achieving the most beneficial psycho-physical balance.

I offer deep tissue sports massage, shiatsu and thai massage, foot reflexology and ayurveda.